Season 3

028: Start a Virtual Assitant Business with a Solid Foundation


So you want to become a Virtual Assistant? The decision can be scary and exciting. It can also be confusing and overwhelming. In this episode of the podcast, I chat with Jenifer De La Garza of Administrative Support Group (and one of my besties) about starting a Virtual Assistant Business. Jenifer also unveils a fantastic opportunity for a select few that are serious about starting a VA business, but need some help with laying the groundwork for starting a business.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Virtual Assistance and what it is, exactly
  • Jenifer's journey from Generalist Virtual Assistant (VA) to Where She is Now (10 years later!)
  • What Jenifer LOVES most about being a VA
  • The Virtual Assistant Launch Pad - Beta - Launching July 4th (and there's still time to sign up)
  • Inspiration and what Inspires Jenifer
  • AND, a new podcast launch reveal

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027: Mom Sessions: Rewards and Challenges of a Work at Home Mom

This month on the Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I am joined by my friend and fellow work at home mom, Jenifer De La Garza. Jenifer is the owner of Administrative Support Group. She's been working from home for over 10 years and is the proud mama of six beautiful children. In this episode, Jenifer and I have our first "mom session". Much like Sanity Sessions with Christina, mom sessions are episodes in which two work at home mamas come together and get real about the topic at hand. 

In this episode you'll hear us "mom sess." about the following:

  • The challenges of being a work at home mom
  • Homeschooling children and working from home
  • While there are challenges, rewards rank so much higher and we chat about that
  • Painting, Quilting and Running - how they keep us sane:)
  • Impromptu chit-chat from my 9 month old son (you have been warned)

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Jenifer's Website
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Building Self-confidence

Show notes:

In this episode of The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide podcast, I talk about self-confidence. In order to start a business, you do need some amount of confidence to simply get going. A bit of self-confidence and courage, go a long way.

In this episode I’ll break things down as follows:

  • Share insights on ways to help you build self-confidence

  • Share a personal story about how my own self-confidence journey and how it waned, early on

  • Provide some resources for you to work on your own confidence and inner critic.

  • Offer a gentle reminder to you

It’s so easy to forget all of the things we’ve achieved and lose sight of our accomplishments, when our inner critic comes out to play.

As a reminder: all of the insights I offer on my podcast are based solely on my experiences. These are things that have worked for me while on my journey. I hope my insights inspire you to find ways to move along your path to being an inspired entrepreneur!

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Tips and Tricks for Building a Successful E-Commerce Business

Are you thinking about starting an e-commerce business or struggling to keep one afloat?  In this episode of The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide, I’ll talk with Caroline Balinska and get her tips and tricks for building a successful e-commerce business. 

If you’re starting or running an online business, these tips will help you create a strategy and make the best use of your resources to get started on the right foot.  We’ll also discuss creating your dream lifestyle including:

  • Letting go of things you can’t control
  • Looking at the positive in every situation
  • Anticipating the unexpected
  • The importance of marketing
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Managing a business while traveling
  • Finding your definition of success and
  • Pitfalls to avoid

This episode is jam-packed with great tips and tricks to get your e-commerce business off the ground so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.  Join me as we hear Caroline's success story.

What's your definition of success?

Hi Inspired Entrepreneurs! This week, I take a break from the co-hosted and interview format to talk to you about success. Specifically, I get down to the nitty gritty of defining your own success. The key phrase in this episode is YOUR definition.  It’s time to break away from traditional thinking about what success is or means. Step away from what others define success to be and come up with your own definition. It will be freeing and heck, maybe a bit inspiring (at least, that’s my hope). 

In this episode I’ll break things down, as follows:

  • My definition of success and how it’s changed from over 20 years ago.
  • The one thing you must stop doing
  • The ever-evolving state of your definition of success
  • And, more!

After you’ve listened to the episode, head over to my Facebook page, to share your definition of success. You’ll see the podcast post on the page and that’s where you can share your definition.

Have a great week and stay awesome!


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Lost Your Creative Mojo? Let's Get It Back!

If you're struggling to keep ideas flowing in your business, listen to this episode to learn how to reinvigorate your business with new ideas and avoid the burnout and frustration that come with stagnation. 

In this Sanity Session, Christina and I will update you on our business adventures.  We'll be discussing the creative process, where and when the process happens best, and we'll dive in and discuss what to do when that creative juice just stops flowing. 

Here's a rundown of what you'll hear in this episode:

  • How other creative outlets can spark new ideas
  • How to use writing prompts as a creative outlet
  • Impromptu chat about "mom time" in the bathroom
  • Using creative outlets to help you refocus your energy
  • How to immerse yourself in other people's creativity
  • Trying creative outlets that lie outside your comfort zone

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Christina's Mystical Mojo Boxes
The Box Reviewers
Luz Mariel Donahue Art
Christina on Facebook
Darlene on Facebook
Writing Prompts on Reddit

022: Create a Customer Experience that Rocks!

Welcome back everybody to the Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide, the podcast that encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing.  After a  short hiatus, new episodes are back! You can expect to hear new episodes about one-two times per month.

In this episode, we're covering a topic that I'm deeply passionate about - Customer Service and Experience.  You will learn the importance of defining your ideal client and how it may affect your overall customer experience. More importantly, how you can increase your odds of getting good quality referrals.  Here to help me with this topic is my special guest, Yanique Grant. Yanique is a professional speaker with a Bachelor's Degree in hospitality and tourism management and a certificate in International Customer Service.  She's the host of the podcast, Navigating the Customer Experience and offers professional coaching and workshops on customer service and leadership so businesses and their teams can develop the skills they need in order to succeed.

Yanique offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • How hospitality management helped her navigate the customer experience and laid the path to speaking on the topic, creating a podcast about it and more.
  • Importance of defining your ideal client
  • Increasing your odds for getting good, quality referrals
  • Appealing to customers intellectual and emotional sides
  • Understanding your clients’ needs
  • How to handle an unpleasant or uncomfortable customer service experience

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Navigating the Customer Experience podcast

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