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Episode 11: Inspiring Interview with Virtual Assistant, Janine Gregor

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In Episode 11 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, another one of my long-time associates and online friends, Janine Gregor, joins me to chat about entrepreneurship. I've known Janine since about 2008, when I had started my Virtual Assistant business. We've worked together on a few volunteer-type projects for an online forum, however, this was the first time we truly had a conversation together. It was so much fun!  During our conversation Janine shared with me why she started her business, the best and not so best things about being a business owner, finding ideal clients and more! 

Janine also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • Highlights of running her business
  • Volunteering as a way to gain skills and give back
  • Some winning tips for responding to RFP (Requests for Proposal), that you can start using right now.  Plus a super special offer for more tips. 

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About Janine: Janine Gregor is a leading Request for Proposal (RFP) authority for new and seasoned virtual assistants (VA). She created a thriving business using RFPs to network with top coaches, speakers and authors.

A VA herself; forming Your Virtual Wizard in 2006, Janine specializes in social media strategy, email/newsletter marketing, and business writing for her own clients.

As author of The RFP Transformation – Take Your Virtual Assistant Proposal from Blah to Bling, Janine is a sought after speaker for VAs who want to know, “How do I find clients?”  

Highly regarded and awarded for her contributions on Virtual Assistant Forums as a community leader, Janine dispenses her wizardry as a mentor to new VAs seeking to establish profitable businesses.

Episode 10: Subscription Box Service Unlocked

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In Episode 10 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, my long-time associate and friend, Christina Nelson of Mystical Mojo Box joined me. Earlier this year, Christina started an eCommerce subscription box service, Mystical Mojo. In fact, I had reviewed one of her early releases boxes, here.  During our conversation she shared with me why she started the business (and how the idea came to her), offered tips to first-time subscription box service providers, and more! 


Christina also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • Highlights of running her business
  • Obstacles she faced
  • Plus, one very important tip for anyone wanting to start a subscription box service.

Show Links:
Subscription Boxes Subreddit (on reddit)
Entrepreneurs Subreddit (on reddit)
Cratejoy Subscription School

About Christina and Mystical Mojo: Christina Nelson is the owner of Mystical Mojo Box.  Her spiritual journey started when she was newly divorced and felt lost in this big world.   Since then she has taken a year-long class with the owner of a metaphysical shop who showed her just how intuitive she was.  She became certified in the Emotion Code which expanded her healing capabilities. She launched Mystical Mojo Box in 2015. Boxes have a theme every month so everything in the box works together. Your box can include crystals, pendulums, aromatherapy products, candles and so much more! We also include detailed information on each product with instruction for possible uses.

Episode 9: Dogs Saving Dogs

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In Episode 9 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I had a really fun chat with founders, Declan and Keith, of Dogs Saving Dogs. They started their business while attending Notre Dame. Keith has since graduated and Declan is a Junior now (I think!). During our conversation they shared with me why they started the business, their mission and more.

They also said something during the interview that left an impression on me and really sums up Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide mission.   It was, "Entrepreneurship is all about these little wins, little steps at a time."  YES! Stop dreaming and start doing means just that,  start taking those little steps towards fulfilling your dream.  Thanks guys, for the reminder and for being guests on my show. 

Declan and Keith also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • Highlights of running their business
  • Obstacles they've faced and how they've overcame them
  • Moms, and why they are the best supporters!
  • One way to start doing something you are passionate about, today. NO EXCUSES!

Show Links:
Article on Dog's Best Life about Dogs Saving Dogs

About Declan and Keith: Dogs Saving Dogs was founded by two college students with the promise to create jewelry that uniquely expresses the beauty and courage of homeless pets, and raises money to protect them until they can be fostered or adopted. Our commitment to American-made, locally engraved, high quality jewelry comes from our desire to create lasting and timeless art that has a positive impact on all stakeholders.

Episode 8: What If You Started a Book Business?

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In Episode 8 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I had a really fun chat with Mary Cascio, an Usborne Independent Consultant & Team Leader. Mary has been a consultant with Usborne Books & More since early 2015, sharing their awesome books with the people, schools and libraries that she meets.

During our chat, we discussed why she started her business, about being at home with her children and still running a business  and more.

Mary also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • How to overcome business obstacles
  • One of her favorite Usborne & Kane Miller books (which happens to be one of my favorites too!)
  • The best thing about being a business owner

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Mary Had a Little Book on Instagram
What If Monster
Podcast Interview where I talk about the What If Monster


About Mary and Usborne:
Mary Cascio is an Usborne Independent Consultant and has seen great success in the first six months of her business. In fact, she promoted to Team Leader not too long after our conversation. Congratulations, Mary!

Literacy is so important and Usborne Books & More offers so many ways to make quality books available to children and their families.  As our Mission Statement reflects, "The future of our world depends on the education of our children.  We deliver educational excellence one book at a time.  We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values.  We touch the lives of children for a lifetime." 

There are so many ways to Open a World of Possibilities with Usborne Books & More – how can I help you today?

Episode 7: Inspired Interview with Ruth Martin

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In Episode 7 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I  sit down and speak with Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance. Ruth is a virtual assistant providing business management, consulting, marketing and writing services to her clients. Ruth is celebrating 16 years in business this month. A big congratulations goes out to you, Ruth!

During our chat, we discussed why she started her business, the services she offers, and more.

Ruth also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • How to choose what services to offer in your business and selecting a niche
  • A marketing tip you can implement into your business today (hint: you should never stop doing what Ruth mentions - listen to our conversation to find out what it is!)

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About Ruth:
Ruth Martin is the owner of Maplewood Virtual Assistance (aka MaplewoodVA) an online business support services firm in operations since 2000. MaplewoodVA specializes in consulting, online business and project management, marketing and writing services, and executive level business support. Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop operating their business and start growing it are a great match for working with MaplewoodVA. To learn more or sign up for the In The Details newsletter visit:

Episode 6: Living Uber

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This is Episode 6 The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast. Welcome back!  In this week's guest interview, I speak with Kristin Carpenter- Ogden of  Living Uber and Verde PR. Kristin was such a fun guest to have on the show!  During our chat, we discussed the launch of her business, Verde PR, some challenges she has faced as a Work at Home Mom, and more! 

Some  key points from this episode include:

  • Finding your 'people' 
  • What she has found to be the most rewarding as a WAHM
  • Two PR tips you can utilize in your business right now

Show Links:
Verde PR
Living Uber
Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast
StartUp Weekend

About Kristin:
Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is the founder of LivingUber and Verde Brand Communications. For the past 12 years at Verde, she's coached and consulted close to 200 brands to successfully engage with and grow audiences and fan bases. LivingUber is her platform to coach Passion-Driven Branding, her proprietary approach developed over the past 12 years that’s strongly proven to connect brands and products with activated online audiences.

LivingUber is a philosophy. It’s about embracing the AND without placing restrictions and false limitations on your life. LivingUber is a way of life and it’s different for every person. To Kristin, and to many of her clients, LivingUber is about living a life driven by passion every day.

Episode 4: Flexibility and Compatibility, Interview with Patty Kabick

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Welcome to Episode 4 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast! I can't believe it's been one full month of podcast episodes already! If you missed any, you can go back here, here and here to listen in. The show is also now on iTunes and Stitcher.  

In this week's guest interview, I spoke with Patty Kabick of eXPERT Business Support Services. During our chat we discussed why she started her business, some obstacles she faced and the best thing about being a business owner. 


Some  key points from this episode include:

  • Seeking support from your industry peers 
  • Importance of compatibility and trust with clients
  • Flexibility in your time and schedule as an entrepreneur (does it exist?) 
  • And, a lot more!

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eXPERT Business Support Services
Darlene's Digital Media Digest

About Patty:  In 2010 Patty officially founded her virtual assistance company, eXPERT Business Support Services. The focus of her business is to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs free themselves of stressful projects and tasks so they can realize their goals, make more money, achieve success, and have more time to spend doing the things they love to do!

On a personal note, Patty enjoys spending time with her three grown children, surfing, and devoting time to Save the Manatee, and to her local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, which aims to protect and preserve our oceans and beaches.

Episode 3: Tips for Building Self-Confidence

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This week's episode dives into the topic of self-confidence and your business.   Confidence plays a big role in launching and growing a business. Too little of it and you may end up doing yourself a huge disservice.  Of course, confidence will grow over time. Until then, I've put together three tips that will help avoid some pitfalls as you build your business and your confidence.  

In this episode you'll learn:

- My experiences as a doe-eyed business owner and one trick I used to shake off the nerves

- How having a plan and being prepared can help confidence

- Charging what you are worth. Ruth Martin of Maplewood VA and Lee Drozak of Lee Drozak Biz also stop by to lend their insight and thoughts about charging what you are worth. Great insight from two very awesome ladies.

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As mentioned in this episode

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Episode 2: Remodeling Your Vision, Guest Interview Kyle Hunt

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Welcome to Episode 2 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast! Twice a month, I will be featuring podcast interviews with entrepreneurs - those willing to share their entrepreneurial story and offer tips you can utilize to pursue your dream of becoming your own boss!

To kick off my guest interviews, I spoke with Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing. During our chat we discussed why he started his business, his support system, challenges he had to overcome and decisions that helped his business thrive and grow.


Some key points from this episode include:

  • Running a business is like running a marathon, not a sprint
  • Accountability with mastermind groups or coaches
  • Narrowing your target market 
  • Kyle offers one marketing tip you can utilize in your business right now
  • And, a lot more!

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About Kyle: Kyle is the owner of Remodel Your Marketing. He works with remodelers and builders throughout Michigan and the United States, implementing his proven and practical marketing and sales system. Kyle resides in Brighton, Michigan with his wife, Sarah, and their four children. 

Episode 1: New Beginnings

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This is the first episode of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast. To say I am thrilled for this podcast launch is an understatement. I've created podcasts over the years, but none have resonated with me quite like my first podcast series, A Virtual Perception (AVP). Until now, that is. 

It's like I've been away from home for so long, and I just got back. My heart feels full, again.   I cannot wait to share with you the inspiring interviews already recorded, as well as, future interviews yet to be produced. For those that have listened to AVP, think of this like AVP 2.0. It sure feels good to be back. 

In this first episode, I share you with why I started  the series and what you can expect from future episodes. It's short and sweet.  Hopefully my exuberance comes through! 

If you want to be on a future episode, I'd love to chat with you. Contact me here and we'll setup a day/time for a call.  Let the fun and inspiration begin!

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The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast launches in June. Use the form below to get a notification for the first episode.

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The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide Podcast is coming!

The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide podcast is an inspiration that came about after I released the book, "The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide to Living and Growing Successfully." Much like the book, the podcast sets out to inspire, motivate and fire you up about starting a business.

Entrepreneurs will share their stories about why they started a business, what was holding them back in the first place, how they overcame any obstacles, dealt with success (and failure) and so much more! 

Are you an entrepreneur that is super excited about business and wants to inspire others? Awesome, then I want you to be a guest on the show!

Before you stop and say, well, I am not all that inspiring or I am not a real entrepreneur - ponder this: Do you have a business, something where you make an income and partaking in whatever that business is makes you over-the-moon happy? Yes? Then you are someone I want to speak with!

Unsure about the process or what a podcast interview will be like? To put it simply, it will be like chatting with an old friend. Seriously, I do my very best to make interviews super easy and fun to do. Listen to an episode of my podcast, A Virtual Perception, to get a sense of my interviewing style. In fact, let's not even call it an interview - from here on out, we'll refer to it as an inspiring conversation. 

Be my guest, fill out the contact form here and then have an inspiring chat with me!

And hang on, because this is going to be an inspiring ride.