Big News! A Podcast Relaunch Is On The Horizon!


As of January 2018, The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide is now The Inspired Guide Podcast.


The overall premise for the podcast remains very much the same.

However, as women we wear many hats. We're not just entrepreneurs, we're also mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, runners, bakers, etc. You get the idea.

In September 2016, I added the title of mother to my list of credentials (personal and professional). As a new mother,  all of the things happening in the world made me think longer and harder about all of the "what if's" that could occur if we don't take action, now. I want to give you more encouragement and more support. In order to do that, I felt the pull to broaden this podcast's scope just a bit. 

The Inspired Guide will focus on supporting and encouraging women in their quest to follow a path that feels right and makes them feel whole, without regret, and inspires them to stand proud as the person they are or working to become. The format will be one half interview series and one half anecdotes or experiences from my own life.  

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing is still the motto. A new interview will be airing soon. Stay tuned!