Special Episode: Update on Episode Schedule & Handling Professional Setbacks

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In this special episode I take a moment to share with you some news about The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast. It relates to the release of new podcast episodes. Don't worry, the show is not going away! Listen to this episode to learn more.

Also, not to waste an opportunity to share some inspiration with you, I talk about how to handle a professional setback. This episode is short and sweet. But I hope you find it helpful - either now or in the future.

Thanks for listening!

In this episode, I offer inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • New episode release schedule
  • 3 steps for handling a professional setback

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About Darlene and The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide Podcast:
The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide is hosted by Darlene Victoria. Darlene is a digital media manager, podcast host and overall creative entrepreneur.  This podcast is based on one simple motto - stop dreaming and start doing. The podcast is a tool that aims to inspire want-to-be entrepreneurs to take that first step in starting their business. Empowering interviews with entrepreneurs and content devoted to providing resources for starting a business, help inspire and motivate listeners.