Episode 16: Courage to Change, Pursuing Dreams & Self-Branding

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Episode 16 dives into the topic of finding the courage to pursue your dreams.  Joining me to discuss this topic further is my guest; fellow NJ podcaster, entrepreneur, author, and dream mentor, Joe Pardo of SuperJoePardo.com. During our conversation, Joe talked about his decision to leave his family's business in order to pursue his own dreams.  Not an easy decision, you'll learn that it took almost 2 years before leaping. Change is not easy, but it's good. Listen to Episode 16 to hear Joe's inspiring journey!

About Joe: In early-2014 Joe left his family’s $100 million business and followed in his family's footsteps; he became a fourth generation entrepreneur. 

Two Hundred and Thirty Episodes of the Dreamers Podcast, two books and countless memories later, Joe has finally realized his dream of helping others to achieve theirs. These past two years have been filled with amazing interactions between visionaries of all ages. From business startups to after school programs, Joe has been steadily expanding his dream platform to fulfill the needs of an array of dreamers.

Joe also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • Building a platform for your business and self-branding
  • Benefits of directing or creating conferences/meetups
  • Working from home, burnout and naps :)
  • And, more!

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