Episode 14: Goal Setting, Subcontracting & Defining Your Niche

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Episode 14 is a throwback episode of sorts. Joining me is a Virtual Assistant that has been in business since 2006, focuses primarily on the subcontracting niche and was an early guest on my first podcast - way back in 2009 and 2010! Collette Schultz of Savvy Subcontracting joins me this week to chat about goal setting, subcontracting and honing in on your niche. One of her goals was to save income from her VA business so she can take her family on  a Disney vacation. She met that goal and then some; we chat about it in this episode!

Collette offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics: 

  • How and why she started her business
  • Goals, setting and achieving them
  • Subcontracting as a way to learn more about a specific industry or niche
  • Getting very specific about choosing your services and niche area.

    Show Links:
    Savvy Subcontracting
    Virtual Team 360 Podcast

About Collette: 

Back in 2006 Collette wanted to get her family to Disney World. She decided she could supplement income while working at home. While she continued her full-time., she also set out to become a virtual assistant. Due to her extensive administrative and bookkeeping experience, the first years in business she focused on subcontracting for other virtual service providers, often known as, multi-VA firms.  She accomplished the goal of going to Disney and her niche, subcontracting, has grown into something wonderful!  Not only does she continue to provide services like online bookkeeping, web research and other admin tasks but she recently launched a podcast about the subcontracting niche. As of 2016, Virtual Team 360, has come to life.  Collette interviews industry leaders that use subcontracting in their own virtual service business and profit from it.  Continue the journey with Collette and visit her website for upcoming content.