Lost Your Creative Mojo? Let's Get It Back!

If you're struggling to keep ideas flowing in your business, listen to this episode to learn how to reinvigorate your business with new ideas and avoid the burnout and frustration that come with stagnation. 

In this Sanity Session, Christina and I will update you on our business adventures.  We'll be discussing the creative process, where and when the process happens best, and we'll dive in and discuss what to do when that creative juice just stops flowing. 

Here's a rundown of what you'll hear in this episode:

  • How other creative outlets can spark new ideas
  • How to use writing prompts as a creative outlet
  • Impromptu chat about "mom time" in the bathroom
  • Using creative outlets to help you refocus your energy
  • How to immerse yourself in other people's creativity
  • Trying creative outlets that lie outside your comfort zone

Show links:

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