Episode 7: Inspired Interview with Ruth Martin

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In Episode 7 of The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide, I  sit down and speak with Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance. Ruth is a virtual assistant providing business management, consulting, marketing and writing services to her clients. Ruth is celebrating 16 years in business this month. A big congratulations goes out to you, Ruth!

During our chat, we discussed why she started her business, the services she offers, and more.

Ruth also offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • How to choose what services to offer in your business and selecting a niche
  • A marketing tip you can implement into your business today (hint: you should never stop doing what Ruth mentions - listen to our conversation to find out what it is!)

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About Ruth:
Ruth Martin is the owner of Maplewood Virtual Assistance (aka MaplewoodVA) an online business support services firm in operations since 2000. MaplewoodVA specializes in consulting, online business and project management, marketing and writing services, and executive level business support. Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop operating their business and start growing it are a great match for working with MaplewoodVA. To learn more or sign up for the In The Details newsletter visit: www.MaplewoodVA.com.