The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide Podcast is coming!

The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide podcast is an inspiration that came about after I released the book, "The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide to Living and Growing Successfully." Much like the book, the podcast sets out to inspire, motivate and fire you up about starting a business.

Entrepreneurs will share their stories about why they started a business, what was holding them back in the first place, how they overcame any obstacles, dealt with success (and failure) and so much more! 

Are you an entrepreneur that is super excited about business and wants to inspire others? Awesome, then I want you to be a guest on the show!

Before you stop and say, well, I am not all that inspiring or I am not a real entrepreneur - ponder this: Do you have a business, something where you make an income and partaking in whatever that business is makes you over-the-moon happy? Yes? Then you are someone I want to speak with!

Unsure about the process or what a podcast interview will be like? To put it simply, it will be like chatting with an old friend. Seriously, I do my very best to make interviews super easy and fun to do. Listen to an episode of my podcast, A Virtual Perception, to get a sense of my interviewing style. In fact, let's not even call it an interview - from here on out, we'll refer to it as an inspiring conversation. 

Be my guest, fill out the contact form here and then have an inspiring chat with me!

And hang on, because this is going to be an inspiring ride.