Episode 19: Having the Power and Motivation to Reinvent Yourself

Welcome to episode 19! This month I have a fun, inspiring and empowering interview to share with you.  One word that can sum up the entire episode is strength. It’s all about finding the courage needed to take the first steps in starting a business. It is about reinventing yourself and being strong enough to do so. This month's guest, Edie Berg of the Strong Women's Club, knows a thing or two about reinventing oneself. She has been a physical therapist, a private chef, caterer, culinary instructor, an intelligent specialist and even an executive administrative manager for a global bank.  She also has worked and lived in many different locations throughout the world.   Now she is working to bring together and build a tribe of strong, successful women through her Website and Podcast: Strong Women’s Club.          

Edie offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • Why she launched the Strong Women's Club
  • Details about her upcoming Mastermind Group
  • Her biggest struggle, how she overcame it and how it motivated her to keep going
  • Reinvention: the best thing about it, plus knowing when it's time to change things up
  • Thoughtful advice to women interested in starting their own business
  • Being nice to yourself

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About Edie: Edie is the CEE (Chief Executive Everything) at The Strong Women's Club, which includes speaker, podcaster, writer, and motivator.  She teaches women to be who they want, when they want (it is never too late); and how to succeed in male-dominated environments. She facilitates and moderates the Strong Women’s Masterminds. Her own reincarnations include: Physical Therapist; Personal Chef, Caterer and Culinary Instructor; Intel Specialist looking for cyber bad guys; Executive Admin Manager of a global bank.  She is also a CrossFit junkie. She has lived in California, Australia, Canada, Boston, and currently lives it up with her blended family of her four kids and his two kids in Israel.