028: Start a Virtual Assitant Business with a Solid Foundation


So you want to become a Virtual Assistant? The decision can be scary and exciting. It can also be confusing and overwhelming. In this episode of the podcast, I chat with Jenifer De La Garza of Administrative Support Group (and one of my besties) about starting a Virtual Assistant Business. Jenifer also unveils a fantastic opportunity for a select few that are serious about starting a VA business, but need some help with laying the groundwork for starting a business.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Virtual Assistance and what it is, exactly
  • Jenifer's journey from Generalist Virtual Assistant (VA) to Where She is Now (10 years later!)
  • What Jenifer LOVES most about being a VA
  • The Virtual Assistant Launch Pad - Beta - Launching July 4th (and there's still time to sign up)
  • Inspiration and what Inspires Jenifer
  • AND, a new podcast launch reveal

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