Building Self-confidence

Show notes:

In this episode of The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide podcast, I talk about self-confidence. In order to start a business, you do need some amount of confidence to simply get going. A bit of self-confidence and courage, go a long way.

In this episode I’ll break things down as follows:

  • Share insights on ways to help you build self-confidence

  • Share a personal story about how my own self-confidence journey and how it waned, early on

  • Provide some resources for you to work on your own confidence and inner critic.

  • Offer a gentle reminder to you

It’s so easy to forget all of the things we’ve achieved and lose sight of our accomplishments, when our inner critic comes out to play.

As a reminder: all of the insights I offer on my podcast are based solely on my experiences. These are things that have worked for me while on my journey. I hope my insights inspire you to find ways to move along your path to being an inspired entrepreneur!

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