022: Create a Customer Experience that Rocks!

Welcome back everybody to the Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide, the podcast that encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing.  After a  short hiatus, new episodes are back! You can expect to hear new episodes about one-two times per month.

In this episode, we're covering a topic that I'm deeply passionate about - Customer Service and Experience.  You will learn the importance of defining your ideal client and how it may affect your overall customer experience. More importantly, how you can increase your odds of getting good quality referrals.  Here to help me with this topic is my special guest, Yanique Grant. Yanique is a professional speaker with a Bachelor's Degree in hospitality and tourism management and a certificate in International Customer Service.  She's the host of the podcast, Navigating the Customer Experience and offers professional coaching and workshops on customer service and leadership so businesses and their teams can develop the skills they need in order to succeed.

Yanique offered inspiring and thoughtful insight on the following topics:

  • How hospitality management helped her navigate the customer experience and laid the path to speaking on the topic, creating a podcast about it and more.
  • Importance of defining your ideal client
  • Increasing your odds for getting good, quality referrals
  • Appealing to customers intellectual and emotional sides
  • Understanding your clients’ needs
  • How to handle an unpleasant or uncomfortable customer service experience

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