Episode 21: Sanity Sessions with Christina and Darlene, What's the Big Idea?

I am very excited to bring to you a new format to the Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide podcast series. Once a month you'll be treated to a co-hosted episode featuring myself and my good friend, Christina Nelson. Christina and I met about 7-8 years ago on the Virtual Assistant Forums. Since then, we've become a support system for each other in our business and life. If I have a business idea, Christina is typically the first person I'll email. And, she does the same! So it only made sense, that when I decided I wanted to do a co-hosted series, Christina was my first choice! 

In this inaugural co-hosted episode, Christina and I chat about entrepreneurial ideas, which is fitting. As an entrepreneur, ideas will come to you. Some you may decide to follow, others will just sit on the back-burner and percolate, and others you just may not know what to do with them. We share some of our own experiences about ideas that we've pursued, what to do if an idea doesn't work out and so much more!

Here is a rundown of what you'll hear in this episode:

  • Find out when our business ideas come to us, most often
  • Evaluating your business ideas, before reacting
  • Determine what it takes to pursue and then maintain your idea
  • What to do if a business idea you followed, doesn't work out
  • So, that big idea didn't pan out, now what?
  • Tips for re-focusing and moving on
  • We also chat about bullet journaling
  • And, chit-chat about things going on in our own businesses.

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