Episode 4: Give Yoga a Try, Flexibility Not Necessarily Required (Honest!)

The Home Office Fit train keeps on rolling. Here we are with Episode Number 4! Carla Wilson of Wilson Media Services joins me to talk about all things yoga. Well, more specifically, the benefits of yoga for the work at home woman and tips to get started! Carla has been a Virtual Assistant for almost 13 years (she celebrates her 13th year in business this September!). She also is a certified yoga teacher.  She joined me to talk about her activity level when she first started her business (hint: it was not the same as it is now, not by a long shot), how she found yoga and how it has helped her become a more happier and healthier, person.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Conversation about the importance of self-care, during a work at home day
  • How yoga helped Carla deal with postpartum depression
  • The benefits of yoga, not only physically, but mentally as well.
  • Staying fit with yoga
  • Flexibility - "I'm not flexible enough," you say? We address this, during our chat!
  • The basics and getting started with yoga
  • Some of the different types of yoga
  • We answer the question: Should I start at a studio or try a DVD, first?
  • And, Carla shares her most favorite place to practice yoga. So much fun (and for a good cause).

Listen now!

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Hot Yoga
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About Carla: Carla Wilson began her online business as owner of Wilson Virtual Assistants (aka WilsonVA) in 2003.  She has attained both the Certified Virtual Assistant (TM) and EthicsCheck (TM) designations from IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association).  She has also obtained high level training and certification in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Virtual Events Specialist from VA Classroom. Carla is a also Registered Yoga Teacher and works with Philly Area Yoga to produce a local yoga festival called Namas Day.