Home Office Fit - Coming Soon!

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Yes, I used to live an unhealthy life. It's true.  I was fairly active and fit throughout my adolescence and teens. Well, except for that one time in Sophomore year of high school. I'll blame that time on genes - my brothers and I all went through a chubby teen phase. 

Back to being unfit. Check out the photo collage below. The first photo was taken about two years after I began working from home. Fat pants were my regular attire. I developed many bad habits, which included: skipping meals, sitting in my office until the sun went down and grabbing junk to snack on (think cookies or chips) rather than something nutritious. Two years of bad habits and choices sure added up.  Blech! 

After a trip to Seattle to work alongside co-workers I had been working with for years but hadn't met in real life yet,  something clicked. I think by being in an outside environment, I was able to take a closer look at myself and figure out what the hell was going on, inside and out. It wasn't pretty. 

I  decided something needed to change. I started making better choices when it came to food and exercise. I ultimately dropped weight. I then began a running regime and living a healthier way of life. The middle photo in the collage above was taken about 5 months after I started running. The benefits to the changes I made far exceeded anything I could ever imagine. 

My journey did not happen overnight. It also did not take one magical recipe to get where I am today. A series of small steps and habit changes was key. Some things I am still learning, in fact. The last photo is where I am today. And, I don't think one's journey to better mind and body health is ever over. My journey continues on... won't you join me?

The podcast: Home Office Fit will focus on mind and body health for work at home individuals.  It will be an entertaining (I hope)  30 or so minutes of fun conversation about health and wellness. I'll be chatting with fitness professionals, as well as, other home office professionals about how they fit health goals into their busy work/life schedule.  I will also be covering fitness news, performing some fitness experiments for your listening pleasure and reviewing fitness tools and products. 

When and Where:  The show launches in March. You can find show notes at HomeOfficeFit.com. You will be able to subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn. At launch, new episodes will air once a month.  

Why?  My hope is that this podcast will be a little nudge to listeners; reminding them to continue to take small steps to their own better health goals. Or maybe, just maybe, they'll be inspired to change up their routine (or begin one). I hope you'll come along with me on this latest journey.

It will be fun, fantastic and home office fit!