Episode 6: Living a More Nourished Life

When one thinks about being healthy or living a healthier way of life, they often think about what they eat and how often they exercise. There are actually three areas we should be paying more attention to: food, lifestyle and mindset. In this episode, we are going to dive into these topics and more!  To help me explore this topic is my guest,  Nina Manolson, founder of Nourished Women Nation. Nina has over 25 years experience in the health and wellness field, she is a certified Psychology of Eating Teacher, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is a certified holistic health coach.   My hope is that this episode will help you live a more, fully, nourished life. And, we cover a lot during what seemed like a very short conversation!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How croissants led Nina to a path of health and wellness...yes croissants!
  • Psychology of eating is not just about what we eat, but why we eat
  • Acknowledging the use of food as a reward and some ideas on how to reward yourself in other ways, if the food you are considering is out of habit rather than nourishing you.
  • Non-stimulating food choices when ‘dieting’, plus a great analogy on depriving yourself of choices that would truly provide mind and body nourishment.
  • Some ways in which women can boost their energy!
  • Walking towards a plant-based diet and green smoothies
  • How to find more ‘me’ time without feeling guilty
  • The 10x10x10 plan
  • Tiredness, the importance of sleep and how sleep affects our mind, body, and lifestyle
  • And, some tips to help you fall asleep

Show Links:
Nina’s Healthy Vanilla Bean Cake
Nina’s Deluxe Green Smoothie Starter Kit
Insight Timer
Tulsi Tea options via Amazon.com

About Nina: Nina has over 25 years experience in the health and wellness field and is best known for her compassionate, yet practical nourishment approach. She helps women go beyond deprivation and dieting and live in a vibrant body they love. “Women in this day and age know they should take care of themselves. They know they should eat healthier, sleep more, move more, etc, but...they don’t. I help women move past the reasons why they don’t nurture and nourish themselves, and into the practical reality of how they CAN truly live in a life where they feel truly good in their body and at peace with their relationship with food.”  Learn more about Nina on her website: NinaManolson.com

Episode 5: Sit Less, Stand Up More!

Episode 5 of Home Office Fit is here.  In this episode I chat about sitting less and standing more. You will hear information about something called, Dormant Butt Syndrome, and how you can decrease the symptoms. Plus, I share my personal experience with standing more and sitting less, by way of a standing laptop desk.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Dormant Butt Syndrome (DBS), not just a pain in your butt. 
  •  3 Ways to decrease the symptoms of DBS.
  • And, my Standing Desk Experiment!

Alright, well, get to listening. And, then... get to moving!

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Episode 4: Give Yoga a Try, Flexibility Not Necessarily Required (Honest!)

The Home Office Fit train keeps on rolling. Here we are with Episode Number 4! Carla Wilson of Wilson Media Services joins me to talk about all things yoga. Well, more specifically, the benefits of yoga for the work at home woman and tips to get started! Carla has been a Virtual Assistant for almost 13 years (she celebrates her 13th year in business this September!). She also is a certified yoga teacher.  She joined me to talk about her activity level when she first started her business (hint: it was not the same as it is now, not by a long shot), how she found yoga and how it has helped her become a more happier and healthier, person.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Conversation about the importance of self-care, during a work at home day
  • How yoga helped Carla deal with postpartum depression
  • The benefits of yoga, not only physically, but mentally as well.
  • Staying fit with yoga
  • Flexibility - "I'm not flexible enough," you say? We address this, during our chat!
  • The basics and getting started with yoga
  • Some of the different types of yoga
  • We answer the question: Should I start at a studio or try a DVD, first?
  • And, Carla shares her most favorite place to practice yoga. So much fun (and for a good cause).

Listen now!

Show Links:
Carla's website
Living Beyond Breast Cancer Reach and Raise (Previously, Yoga on the Steps)

Hot Yoga
Power Yoga
7 Tips for Beginners

About Carla: Carla Wilson began her online business as owner of Wilson Virtual Assistants (aka WilsonVA) in 2003.  She has attained both the Certified Virtual Assistant (TM) and EthicsCheck (TM) designations from IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association).  She has also obtained high level training and certification in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Virtual Events Specialist from VA Classroom. Carla is a also Registered Yoga Teacher and works with Philly Area Yoga to produce a local yoga festival called Namas Day.

Episode 3: Running Against the Clock, Running with Heart

Hi there! Episode 3 of Home Office Fit is here. Woot! This is my first, "solo episode" of the series. Solo episodes do not include a guest interview, instead I share with you what's going on in the world of health and wellness. Most times I'll do this by sharing my own personal experiences, while offering up some additional resources and information. 

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The story of how I broke down on the side of the road, during a run, and cried. 
  •  Following my trip down memory lane, you'll hear my most recent race recap - recorded live from the race starting line!
  • And, a brief overview of the organization, Back on My Feet, which was mentioned in last month's guest interview with Stephanie Keenan.

Alright, well, get to listening. And, then... get to moving!

Show Links:
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Episode 2: Fitting Fitness into Your Day with Stephanie Keenan

Welcome to the first interview episode of Home Office Fit! Stephanie Keenan, fitness coach and owner of SKFitLife and The AthElite joins me this month. During our conversation, she shares her own journey to entrepreneurship; which included some time working from the beaches of Costa Rica. PLUS, she offers up some great advice for fitting fitness into your busy work at home life.  We also discuss her experience as a contestant on the upcoming NBC Series, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • How Stephanie’s 10-year old dog motivated her to start her own home office business
  • Training smarter with high intensity interval training and weight training
  • Her most favorite adventure, to date
  • Some personal challenges she faced with her own fitness and training
  • Tips for fitting fitness into your busy day
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • And, more!

Show Links:
The AthElite
Charleston Warriors (Stephanie's Obstacle Racing Team)
NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge
Back on My Feet

About Stephanie:
After years of struggling with food, chasing skinny, and soul searching, Stephanie discovered that what she was looking for was right there all along…. "the real me, the little girl who buried her big dreams". It may sound like a cliché, but one day, things just clicked. She knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to share her story and help others along their life journey. Being healthy and leading a “fit life” is more than just having a pretty body.  It encompasses all aspects of our lives. It requires a balance in all that we do, and after years of struggling to find that balance, she is finally free! Now she wants to help others free themselves from their imaginary prison walls too. Fitness is her passion and sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm is what brings her the most joy.

Episode 1: Let's Get Moving!

The first episode of Home Office Fit is here! In this episode I briefly share with you the reason why I started this podcast and tell you what you can expect to hear in the series.  

The Highlights:
- I talk about that one time I worked in a tech-incubator for a week, and how it changed my perspective on my own health and wellness.
- Some details about future guest interviews
- Even more details about the health and wellness check-in episodes
- Plus, a super excited host, ready to explore, share and enjoy fitness with you (seriously, I had to edit this down, twice, just so I didn't sound so manic). 

Stay tuned for the first interview episode, dropping later this month.  Let's Get Moving! 

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HomeOfficeFit on Instagram

Home Office Fit - Coming Soon!

Launching Spring 2016  - Sign Up for Launch Notifications here

Yes, I used to live an unhealthy life. It's true.  I was fairly active and fit throughout my adolescence and teens. Well, except for that one time in Sophomore year of high school. I'll blame that time on genes - my brothers and I all went through a chubby teen phase. 

Back to being unfit. Check out the photo collage below. The first photo was taken about two years after I began working from home. Fat pants were my regular attire. I developed many bad habits, which included: skipping meals, sitting in my office until the sun went down and grabbing junk to snack on (think cookies or chips) rather than something nutritious. Two years of bad habits and choices sure added up.  Blech! 

After a trip to Seattle to work alongside co-workers I had been working with for years but hadn't met in real life yet,  something clicked. I think by being in an outside environment, I was able to take a closer look at myself and figure out what the hell was going on, inside and out. It wasn't pretty. 

I  decided something needed to change. I started making better choices when it came to food and exercise. I ultimately dropped weight. I then began a running regime and living a healthier way of life. The middle photo in the collage above was taken about 5 months after I started running. The benefits to the changes I made far exceeded anything I could ever imagine. 

My journey did not happen overnight. It also did not take one magical recipe to get where I am today. A series of small steps and habit changes was key. Some things I am still learning, in fact. The last photo is where I am today. And, I don't think one's journey to better mind and body health is ever over. My journey continues on... won't you join me?

The podcast: Home Office Fit will focus on mind and body health for work at home individuals.  It will be an entertaining (I hope)  30 or so minutes of fun conversation about health and wellness. I'll be chatting with fitness professionals, as well as, other home office professionals about how they fit health goals into their busy work/life schedule.  I will also be covering fitness news, performing some fitness experiments for your listening pleasure and reviewing fitness tools and products. 

When and Where:  The show launches in March. You can find show notes at HomeOfficeFit.com. You will be able to subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn. At launch, new episodes will air once a month.  

Why?  My hope is that this podcast will be a little nudge to listeners; reminding them to continue to take small steps to their own better health goals. Or maybe, just maybe, they'll be inspired to change up their routine (or begin one). I hope you'll come along with me on this latest journey.

It will be fun, fantastic and home office fit!