It's a Good Day: Reboot #2!

There are two very important aspects of a project that determine it's livelihood. Passion and direction. Without either one (or worse, without both), the project most likely will fail - unless you take a step back and figure things out. The final outcome will either be fix it or abandon ship. Neither is a bad choice, but it is a choice you need to make. 

When I started It's a Good Day podcast, I was lacking both passion and direction, as it related to the overall premise of the show, anyway. This is the part where you gasp and shake your head with disappointment. Don't worry, I've done it myself. 

After some self-reflection, I've finally got a handle on things. I've decided to go the "fix-it" route - not just to salvage the project, but because I do have a passion for what this show now needs to be!

Listen to Episode 6 of It's a Good Day podcast to see where things went wrong and find out the new direction for the show.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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