It's a Good Day for a Launch Episode!

Some days life sucks. It's just the way it goes. On those days you may want to crawl back into bed and start all over (or more likely just stay under the covers and hide). I know, I get it.  If you are like most people,  hiding out until something good comes along usually is not an option.  In fact, if I have learned anything in life, if you are feeling crushed by the bad, it's up to you to take the steps to make the day better. That's where It's a Good Day podcast comes in. The video and audio episodes are geared towards providing information or resources  that just might make your day a little brighter. 

What's brighter than Christmas morning once a month? Not too much, if you ask me. What on earth am I talking about? Subscription boxes, of course! One special box, delivered right to your door and it's just for you. Every.single.month. That certainly makes for a good day, at least in my book. Subscription boxes have seen a rise in popularity over the last couple of years.

Here are this week's episodes:

Video Episode 1: NatureBox Unboxing
In this week's episode I unbox a NatureBox - a monthly subscription box service that sends you wholesome snacks and treats. 

Audio Episode 1: Subscription Boxes 
In this week's audio episode I talk about subscription box services, explain what they are and provide 3 tips for selecting a service that is right for you.

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Featured Subscription Box: NatureBox

As mentioned in the audio episode:
Subscription School by Cratejoy

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