The Inspired Guide - June 2015 - Present
The Inspired Guide Podcast (previously Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide) is based on one simple motto - stop dreaming and start doing. The podcast aims to support women on their quest to follow a path that feels right and makes them feel whole, without regret, and inspires them to stand proud as the person they are or working to become. The format will be one half interview series and one half anecdotes or experiences from my own life. 

Home Office Fit - Season 1: May 2016 - August 2016
Home Office Fit focuses on mind and body health for work at home individuals.  Dedicated to 30 or so minutes of fun conversation about health and wellness. I chat with fitness professionals, as well as, other home office professionals about how they fit health goals into their busy work/life schedule.  

It's a Good Day - February 2015 - June 2015
It's a Good Day podcast was a video and audio podcast featuring topics about leisure, arts, cooking, fitness, tech., crafts and more. Basically, anything that could potentially make your day better, was covered on the show. You won't find any bad news around here. Bottom line: It's a good day when  are you doing something you love. Get to it!

A Virtual Perception  -  May 2008 - January 2012
A Virtual Perception was a podcast that provided business resources to virtual and home-based entrepreneurs. New episodes are no longer being produced, however over 100 archived episodes are available at http://www.avirtualperception.com.

The Driven Runner - Jan 2014 - July 2014
The Driven Runner’s goal was to motivate newbie runners to get out of their comfort zone, tackle their own self-doubt and run. It also sets out to connect newbie runners with veteran runners to help drive them to run smarter, better and maybe even faster. The podcast was short-lived, but I am still an active runner!

Straight Up Entrepreneur - January 2013 - December 2013
Straight Up Entrepreneur took a no nonsense approach to all things small business. No filler, no long winded intros. Entrepreneurs' pain points were addressed right out of the gate by other entrepreneurs who have been there, done that and were straight about their experiences. 

Inspiration to Grow On/Your Blooming - April 2009 - June 2011
Your Blooming and later Inspiration To Grow On was a podcast that featured inspirational stories from not only my life, but from the lives of others. Bi-monthly podcasts and blogs were posted from some truly inspiring individuals.  People who were fulfilling their dreams, striving to be the best they can be and inspiring others to do the same.